A Monument sign is a ground-level sign that a driver notices or a person passing by can easily see the business information. It is typically made from brick and mortar construction, stone, stainless steel, plastic, or other durable materials. Commercial monument signs can also have LED displays or lighting to capture attention.

A free-standing monument sign shouldn’t be confused with a pylon sign. Pylon signs are typically mounted high up on poles so that they are visible from a distance. However, monument signs for buildings are designed to be read at eye level and provide a direct line of sight information. Building monument signs are typically at the entrance to a parking lot or close to the main entrance. Apartment monument signs create an excellent first impression of the complex.

Types of monument signs

Freestanding outdoor signs at eye level are helpful for several purposes. First, the sign design allows business owners to match the display with the building front. Second, the sign design can be used to display vital information for the business. In all cases, a sign company such as Oxus Way can provide advice on suitable signage for your property.

Here are some common types of monument signs:

⇨ Single building monument signs: This type of sign is helpful for a stand-alone building. It indicates stability and permanence and helps customers quickly identify your business.
⇨ Multi-tenant monument signs: These signs are helpful in strip malls, outside office buildings, or industrial parks. Visitors to the location can see where a business is located and which businesses operate there.
⇨ Illuminated signs: LED signs create the greatest visual impact day and night. The illuminated signs are easy to install and cost-effective to maintain.
⇨ Outdoor directories: In expansive retail parks or campuses, a map or directory at eye level can be helpful for visitors.

Benefits of monument signs

Signage is a basic form of advertising to increase business visibility. Monument signs have a vital role in conveying location information to the public. In addition, professional ground-level business sign design creates a lasting impression on customers.