A Fascia sign is essentially any type of sign that has been installed on the building’s “fascia” or in other words, the front of the building. Fascia signs are most commonly flat against the building and rectangular in shape.

If you are looking for a fascia sign for your business, you can rely on the experience and expertise of our team at Oxus Way. Our collection includes fascia signs, outdoor signage, aluminum signs, acrylic signs, LED signs, neon signs, channelume signs, stainless signs, illuminated signs, non-illuminated signs, backlit signs, and front-lit signs. Each of our signs is meticulously crafted using premium materials for durability and visual appeal.

We offer a wide range of signage services, including custom-made signs for your unique store, office, or business, installation, and maintenance. We have helped companies of all kinds design, manufacture, and install the perfect fascia sign for their business.

How Long do Fascia Signs Usually Last?

There are a number of factors that will impact how long your fascia sign will last. These factors include

⇨ The type of materials used
⇨ The weather in your location
⇨ The quality of materials used
⇨ Maintenance

At the very least, most signs will last for 5 years before they need significant maintenance or replacing. However, higher-quality signs that receive regular maintenance can last for 10 years or more.