A Light Box Signage is cabinets with LED illumination, providing 24/7 visibility for your message. Lighted signs are commonly used in the signage world as a great tool for promoting brand names and logo signs.

Usually, light box signs for outdoor use are made of a combination of aluminum and acrylic or lexan materials. Backlit decals are highly used to apply custom graphics. With large format printing you can get any custom image depicted on your displays. These materials are durable and visually appealing, making them an ideal promotional tool and an integral part of any trade show displays.

Light boxes are advantageous due to their recognizable and versatile features. It’s guaranteed that these custom signs will capture the attention of your target audience and enhance customer experience.

Light boxes are easy to spot so your establishment becomes easy to find. This eliminates the biggest hurdle in the way of a company gaining new clients – low visibility.

This can happen because of location related factors. Some areas have less footfall and some buildings have a similar appearance to their surroundings, making them blend into one another. Thankfully, lighted displays pop out and draw attention. They help people find your business immediately without having to go back and forth on the same street, which can lead many to change their minds about doing business with you.