Directional signage helps to visitors navigate to and reach their destination both externally to and within your facility by providing information, eliminating confusion and improving their visitor experience. The experts at Oxus Way use the right mixture of innovative signage and graphic solutions, including site identification signs, monoliths and totem signs, banners, flags, labels, stickers, window, wall and floor graphics to design attractive directional signage that expertly assists people when visiting events, medical facilities, school or university campuses, hotels, restaurants, office buildings or shopping centers!

It can save time, reduce confusion and in some cases help keep people safe and healthy. While it has a practical function there is no reason why it can’t also be visually appealing and a reinforcement for your corporate image. With a little imagination wayfinding signage can play its role in creating the overall ambience and mood of your corporate spaces.

Directional signs can be customized to support any business with a physical location. Each industry will require a different style and combination of wayfinding signs. The location and purpose of the business will determine the most effective directional signage. Use these examples of wayfinding in common industries to inspire your own directional signage.

We provide the highest quality products to fill your space with banners, posters, labels, and even digital displays. Oxus Way offers a full range of wayfinding signage that you can customize to match your unique branding.