Oxus is leading signage & graphic design and way finding consultant, custom fabricator of retail and architectural signage and displays, fulfilling all aspects of design and way finding requirements.

Oxus companies with the passage of time the company has diversified interests into large format digital printing and signage manufacturing.

Today Oxus is the market leader in its field and continues to maintain its dominance by anticipating the needs of the markets and meeting their demands overtime, much ahead of competition. Keeping in tune with the latest technology trends, Oxus has made substantial investment in infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, trained personnel & prompt turnaround time. Today is the only company in the entire GCC to offer high tech digital imaging services for industrial and advertising what is more important is the fact that these service are supported by the right people skilled professionals capable of offering solutions, designed to meet the growing needs in outdoor media and signage business.

Oxus operates our factory in the united Arab Emirates. The commercial graphics & signage factory is located in Abu Dhabi, united Arab Emirates.

Oxus has come along way establishing it self as regions one of top notch commercial graphic and printing destination with the investments it caters almost all leading brands in UAE. Further with the downstream demand from the architectural and construction boom in middle east, Oxus has positioned itself as a sound player of customized manufacturing, art metal work and signage.

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